Our Board

Greendale's Board of Alderpersons

Jane Kayser (Board President)


Term expires April 2023

Nellie Quinn (Alderperson)


Term expires April 2024

Deborah Shackleford (Alderperson)


Term expires April 2024

Carmen Moore (Alderperson)


Term expires April 2023

REQUIREMENTS: For all candidates at the time of filing, he/she must have been a resident of Greendale for at least one year by Election Day, verified by a current Missouri driver’s license or state ID; all real estate and personal property taxes paid in full for the prior year, current on solid waste/trash bill through fourth quarter of the calendar year prior to election. Greendale no longer has designated wards; therefore candidates for office run a city-wide campaign. All elected officials serve the entire city.

Last updated on 20 October 2020.

Additional Members

Philip Ayers

City Attorney

Tiffany Walker

City Treasurer

Lt. Anthony Huckleberry

Pagedale Police Contact Liaison